Swingflag one color


  • Chinese silk
    30 different colors
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The swing flag gives an incredible look to your show. The flags are available in various designs and sizes. 71" x 85", but they also come in 80" x 52". This swing flag is solid in color and you can choose from 30 different colors. The size of this flag is 80" x 52" and you can also tie two swing flags together to create the effect of wings. The swing flag is used with a shorter pole. Flags cannot be returned. For more information, please contact info@guardequipment.nl.


Ash, Azure, black, chocolate, coral, daisy, deep purple, ivory, kelly, leaf green, lemon, lilac, limeade, mediterrane, neon green, neon orange, nude, pansy, paris pink, periwinkle, purple, red, rosette, royal, sapphire, silver, sunflower, tan, turquoise, white


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